Founded in early 1990’s, Shanghai Hiwin Industrial Co., Ltd is consistently moving ahead with our goal to become a well known supplier for premium-quality auto parts in China and around the globe.  Our major product lines including:


l Alternators, starters and components;

      We have the most complete product line covering most of the applicationsall over the world;

      We have an excellent team of people in the rotating electrical industrial for more than 15 years;

      We build up a large inventory to meet our customers "immediate deliver" requirements;

      We have a complete system and testing procedure to do 100% inspection for all incoming products;

      We do 100% in-house testing for all units in DV testers; 

      We perform a excellent "customer private label and protection" prcedure; 


l Air Compressor, Electrical Cooling fan and Air Blower Assembly;

      We are an OEM manufactory for SVW, SGM, Ford and FAW, HIWIN is the exclusive partner for all the exporting business. 

      We have the most complete product line for most of the popular vehicles all over the world;

      We have the most complete testing equipments in China for Auto cooling system;


l Original INA clutch pulleys (INA Authorized distributor in China); 

l Auto Maintenance and Dignostic Tools;

l Electric PTO clutch Assembly;  


With the experience in the auto aftermarket industrial, HIWIN INDUSTRIAL is continually bring into market the latest model of products at a very competitive price.  We have extensive and detail experience in all aspect of R&D, Quality control, technical service which will uarantee our clients with our performance.


We are driven to a high standard of excellence in everything we do and our quest to achieve that ambition to build a brand name with reputation and truly unique in our ability to be customer driven and responsive first to the needs of those we serve.


We make efforts for all our customers a ”HI-WIN” (High Quality & Win-win) value.


Auto Parts, Alternator, Starter,DC motor, Clutch Pulley, INA Pulley, Regulator, Rectifier, Bosch, Valeo, WAI, Hitachi, Mitsubishi, Lucas, Denso, Air blower, Rotor, Stator, Casting, Rear cover, Armature,
Field case, Solenoids, Drive, FAG, Cooling fan,Air blower, Dignostic Tools,Battery tester, Testing leads, Air compressor, MAF,MAP sensor, Auto sensor